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To Cancel

As per the CXO Membership Agreement, if you would like to cancel your automatically renewed CXO membership, please do the following:
  • Sign in  (Don't know your password? Reset it here http://www.cxo.org/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest)
  • Click on your NAME (below the CXO logo)
  • Select "View Profile"
  • Select "Change Membership Level"
  • Select "CXO Member Candidate - Free"

This will remove your account from auto-renewal and expire your formal CXO membership after the current period ends. You will not receive a cancellation confirmation. The fact that there is no open recurring payment is confirmation that your card will not be re-billed. If you would like to rejoin at any time, you may do so by clicking JOIN CXO

Cancellation must be made PRIOR to your payment date to ensure your credit card is not billed again. If you stop recurring billing after the payment has already been processed, your current membership will continue through the remainder of the term.

If you wish to remove yourself from our system completely, email that request to Info@cxo.org and it will be promptly removed.


Phone: (720) 981-3570


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